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Love Nibbles series
Short tidbits of sex and romance

Love Nibbles series
Short tidbits of sex and romance

Love Nibbles series
Short tidbits of sex and romance

Blind Passion
Bruised souls find solace in each other.

The Seduction Vow
Book 1 of the Promise Series

New Year
Holiday themed sequel to New Life.

New Life
Disabled hero finds a new love and a new life.

Beloved Killer
Love strikes a hit man and changes his life forever.

Serious Play
An ex-con falls for his pretty employer as he starts a new life.

Fugitive Heart

Man on the run meets smalltown girl.

Butterfly Unpinned
Butterfly chose slavery, but now it's time for her to fly free

Finding Home
Street hustler meets reporter and finds home.

Beloved Healer
Man with special powers needs healing love.

The Final Act
A traveling Broadway show. Life imitates art and love takes a bow.

The Valentine Effect
A man whose heart has been torn apart. A woman who’s never risked hers.

When is three not a crowd? When a trio of friends indulges in a weekend of erotic play.


The Eyes of a Soldier
Enemies to lovers.

A Hearing Heart
The heart conveys messages beyond what ears can hear.

Scarred Hearts
Wounded vet and backwoods gal find love.
Bone Deep
A grieving widow aids a carnival's tattooed man. Will their love stand against small town prejudice?

The Countess Takes a Lover
An experienced widow teaches a young man and learns about love.

The Countess Lends a Hand
The man of her dreams is a nobleman. A ladies’ maid reinvents herself.

Captive Bride
Huiann escapes slavery to find love in the arms of a Civil War veteran.

Blackberry Pie
A young minister’s celibacy is challenged by an earthy, Appalachian woman.

Liberating Lucius
Can a slave woman free her master?

A Gypsy's Vow
An innkeeper’s daughter falls for a gypsy.



Beloved Bodyguard

A diplomat's daughter. Her stony-eyed bodyguard. Fireworks.
Dead Country
Can they defend their town against the undead?
After the End
Zombies attack and survivors band together..
Sex and the Single Princess
Can a shoemaker and a princess find love?
Demon Lover
The King of the Underworld is no Rumplestiltskin
Awakening Beauty
Aurora awakens in modern times and meets her prince of industry.

Cinderella Unmasked

Three balls, three nights of sexual adventure, one true love.
Gaslight fantasy road trip with a gentlewoman and a rogue.

The Warrior's Gift

Plaything for a caged warrior, Katya must save her lover and her world.
Like Clockwork
Steampunk adventure, serial killer madness and romance.

The Thief and the Desert Flower

A princess finds love in the arms of a desert thief.
Vampires' Consort
A vampire, his thrall and a woman on the brink of discovering her power.
Dream Across Time
A modern day lawyer and native american healer meet in their dreams
The power to experience the emotions of everyone he touches. A gift or a curse?
Shifter, P.I.
A private eye. His hardnosed secretary. A dastardly cult and a werewolf curse.

Measure of a Man
A petty criminal and a psychic healer head off a global threat and fall head-on into love.
Fruits of Betrayal
A rogue Protector and an ethically suspect Destroyer clash, claw and crumble before passion.
Terran Realm, Volume 1
Anthology containing full length Terran Realm novels
Evolving Man
Time travel comedy. Three roommates learn the truth about men as each meets a special lover.
Mirror Image
What's better than one amazing lover? A matched set.

Shifters' Captive

Animal attraction is the essence of their power.

The Straw Man
All Hallow’s Eve, a time for tricks, treats and sexy magic...

gay romance

Mending Him
As his world collapses, love opens his heart.
Sin and the Preacher's Son
A showman and a preacher's son find magic on the midway.

Peter and Wendell

A fun-loving playboy changes his wild ways for a sober banker.
The Gentleman's Madness
Locked away, he finds unexpected forbidden love.

Jungle Heat
Two men from worlds apart find common ground.
The Gentleman's Keeper
Master and bailiff battle then bond.
The Psychic and the Sleuth
A sham psychic and police inspector work to solve a murder.
Undeniable Magnetism
Opposites attract, but only love can make a bond.
The Au Pair Affair
Nanny finds love with his employer.

The Gentleman and the Rogue
Lad from the streets meets lord of the manor.

Star Flyer
Two men on a trajectory for an explosive collision.

Seducing Stephen
A jaded rake and a student tumble into bed then into love.
Cage Match
A prince of industry, an imprisoned gladiator -- Cinderella just got hotter.

Fireman. Firestarter. When the two come together, their world ignites!